Best Way to Clean Eyeglasses

Best Way to Clean Eyeglasses

Here are some tips for the best way to clean eyeglasses. It's simple to keep your lenses clean and you really don't need a special eye glass cleaner.

Since we use only the highest quality aspheric lenses with anti-reflection coating on them, it's important that you don't try to clean them without wetting them first.

Using a dry cleaning cloth on dry lenses can cause scratches. With the premium anti-reflective coating we use on our lenses, reflections are reduced to only 1%. This means that the anti-reflective coating can actually mask lens surface defects so fine scratches are often more visible on coated lenses than on uncoated lenses.

When cleaning multicoated lenses, use only products that your optician recommends. Lens cleaners with harsh chemicals can damage the anti-reflective coating.

Always use a microfiber cleaning cloth (you will get one with your Digby Duke order). Do not use paper towels, toilet paper or other fabrics to wipe your glasses as this can ruin the anti-scratch and anti-reflection coatings on your lenses.

1.  Rinse your glasses under cold or lukewarm water to remove any gritty particles that can potentially cause scratches on your lenses during cleaning, if dragged across the lens surface. Do not use hot water as anti-reflection coating is fragile and can be ruined.   

2.  Use a a mild soap, such as a liquid dish washing or hand soap, to remove facial oils, fingerprints, and smudges.

    3.  Rinse with lukewarm water. 

    4.  Let the glasses air dry or dry with a nonabrasive cotton cloth or microfiber cloth. You can use a towel but make sure it's 100% cotton and not a cotton mix. With the hydrophobic (anti-fog) properties our lenses have, the lenses will dry almost immediately if you leave them to air dry.

    5.  Finish by polishing with your microfiber cleaning cloth.

    If you do wish to use a commercial eye glass cleaner, please make sure that it's recommended for lenses with anti-reflection coating.

    How do I clean my microfiber cleaning cloth?

    • Wash it on a gentle cycle in your washing machine or hand wash with a mild, nonabrasive soap.
    • Do not use fabric softener as this can leave a residue on the cloth.

    Other tips:

    • Always keep your glasses in a hard case to protect them when you are not wearing them. Your Digby Duke glasses do come with a protective hard case.
    • We also advice that you don't keep your glasses in your car, like f.ex. leave them on the dashboard, as this can damage both the frame and lenses, especially if the weather is hot outside.